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Welcome to Treasure Hunting! In this Substack, I will share my thoughts and WriteUps on overlooked and undervalued MicroCaps. If you are looking for the 100th write up on Apple or Amazon you are wrong here. I will write erratic, whenever I think, I have something worthwhile to share, this can either be a full write up on a company, some updates on a company or some general thoughts about investing and mental models.

Why MicroCaps?

“A brilliant investor working with a small sum of capital, should look in obscure places” - Warren Buffett

I believe MicroCaps offer the best fishing ground for the individual investor because the competition of people who also look at these stocks is much lower.
Institutional investors can’t own these stocks because there are too illiquid, therefore mispricing is much more common. Another benefit is the longer runway for growth that smaller companies have.
All in all spending time researching for MicroCaps feels like sitting at the right poker table, where you don’t compete with the pros.

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